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BizBites - May 2017

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PowerShot⚽️App BizBites are cool snippy little interviews we've done with businesses in Cairns for advice, a bit of fun and a chance to offer prizes to grow our fan base while our app that measures how fast you can kick a ball is in development.  To date we've interviewed 32 local and interstate businesses!

Innovation & Inspiration

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Being the only girl amongst three boys may not be easy, but I say ‘Try your best, and do good’. I love quotes, they inspire me! If you think about a quote and read it really carefully, you can find that it means something in your life. Along my journey through PowerShot I have learnt many things. These things are called life skills. When you grow up you will face challenges and barriers. You will have to solve the riddle and break free. It might seem impossible, but the word impossible itself is im-possible, so remember that you’re possible.

When you are stuck or need help, don’t feel embarrassed to ask an adult. There will always be an answer. Just think about all the innovations, planes that fly, trampolines that make you bounce so high, technology at the tip of your fingers and light that glows so bright.


Something to do that really help when you’re angry, sad, stuck, or annoyed are to go to a happy place. I know that some of my friends have a happy place in their room or outside, whether it is full of fluffy cushions, or just bathed in sun light, grass and fresh air. A happy place doesn’t just have to be at your house, it could also be a park on bench or maybe at a court to play netball, basketball or any sort of sport.


So remember to appreciate, think that you’re possible and strong, and nothing will bring you down. 


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ick reminder that PowerShot is selling caps to all. Place your order now. They are $30 dollars each, super good quality and great for the outdoors.


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PowerShot App has now come to the stage of testing. We have been testing by one person filming, another measuring the speed, and finally someone recording the speeds down. This data will help make the app more accurate. This is because we didn't use the app to test we used another expensive device that measures the speed when you kick. It measure by sending out a beam, and making it bounce back off the ball and then coming back to the device, with the speed. Though this machine was expensive. PowerShot App will be much more affordable. Testing has been going good so far. But we also need your help, not relating to testing. We want to to take five minutes to do our online survey, activated via Survey Monkey. The survey will ask you for feedback and will record the data. This data will help make us make the app better for our PowerShot Peeps.


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It was in the second period of the day. I was asked to do a talk to a group of Grade 7's who were doing innovations, the teacher (Mrs Whipp) wanted me to explain the process of becoming an entrepreneur and what sacrifices you may need to make. I spoke for about 10 to 15 minutes on how we got the idea and where we got the idea. The students seemed interested in the talk and asked a few questions, some which was how long did you take to come up with the idea and how much it costs to go to a start-up weekend. Overall it was a great talk with the inventors of the future.


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It was very nerve racking before we went up there. Jo Burston the, founder of Rare Birds interviewed us about our app and how we are getting on. There was a crowd there but not too many people. There were a lot of school kids there which was great and we got free breakfast. The event was great and I had a great time. We also got free movie tickets and a free advertisement in the PAKMag magazine when our app is released on the App Store. It was a great experience and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well.

Creative Coding

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PowerShot has been a great journey so far, but one of the highlights have been coding. Jason Holdsworth and two of his JCU students, Jess McKenzie and Tyler Harris, have been coming into our weekly meetings at five o’clock and teaching us how to code. It has been a great experience, as we have learnt so much.


I have especially enjoyed this experience. Since I was the only girl power of PowerShot, it was great to have a girl mentor! Jess McKenzie has inspired me to code. Jess puts all her time and effort into creating coding booklets that we can follow, and make a cool app. The whole team has learnt lots, and we are all inspired to code in future reference.

Jessica, PowerShot


Success @ Tropical North Qld Innovation Awards

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On Wednesday the 16 we were privileged to be apart of and a finalist in the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards. The award that we were finalists in was the peoples choice award, but we did go to the top three in Mayors Choice Award, but unfortunately didn’t win overall in that category, but just being there was fantastic. My school Smithfield State High School won an award because of their partnership between Trinity Beach State School and JCU.

One of the main highlights for me was when James O’Loghlins did his talk. Many of the things he said was very interesting and important. Also listening to his stories of others our age doing amazing things. One of the stories was about a boy in America who saved his school thousands a year by simply the font of writing the smallest and simplest to save ink. We were privileged that we got to meet him and get a copy of his book!

Hamish, PowerShot


PowerShot in the Media

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Going Public Again:

It was really nerve-racking the first time Cory went on to the radio, but after that it didn’t really scare him because he had lots of confidence. Going onto the TV wasn’t scary at all because it was pre-recorded and they took lots of takes so it could be perfect. Newspaper wasn’t as hard as Jess and Cory thought because they just asked you questions and you had to answer. Taking the perfect photo was the biggest challenge, because it needed to be the right angle and be in focus.


New PowerShot Project:

The team has recently introduced and YouTube channel. It shows off what happens behind the scenes or just random ideas we get. Also we will do some serious video on the YouTube channel, like our pitch. We set it up as another type of marketing but also as a way for us to learn how to edit videos. We would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to our channel as well because it will really help us out a lot. https:/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VWfFRiIc0WnWsXWi7gZfw

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 Cory, PowerShot