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Pitching the 36th Floor!

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We were excited to present our pitch that we had been working on for ages. It was a 10 minute pitch telling the judges all about the app and what we had done. We were called into the room to present our pitch and we were all super nervous. The judges were nice and our pitch went very well. When we left the room where we did an interview for the iAwards people and it was great fun.

Our Brisbane STEM Learning Adventures

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On our adventure around Brisbane we met up with Chris Titley a podcaster, keen basketballer and a huge supporter of the App. Chris gave us the idea to do BizBites and we recorded one with him. He gave us many links with sporting companies and advice as well.

We visited the QUT Robotics Lab. The COO gave us a tour of all the cool and interesting robots there. The lab ...

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A quick reminder that PowerShot is selling caps to all. Place your order now. They are $30 dollars each, super good quality and great for the outdoors.

PowerShot in the Media

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Going Public Again:

It was really nerve-racking the first time Cory went on to the radio, but after that it didn’t really scare him because he had lots of confidence. Going onto the TV wasn’t scary at all because it was pre-recorded and they took lots of takes so it could be perfect. Newspaper wasn’t as hard as Jess and Cory thought because they just asked you questions and you had to answer. Taking the perfect photo was the biggest challenge, because it needed to be t...

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