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Inspired at River City Labs!

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On Wednesday, we went back to the Precinct and pitched PowerShot at River City Labs, we met many people there. Many of them had interesting ideas and businesses. Like one who used drones to take photos of telecommunications towers and makes a 3D image of the tower and use it to show people where they can go in the proximity of the towers. We also got a very good tour of the facilities. T...

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Playing at Catapult Sports

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We were invited to go to the Melbourne office of catapult sport. This business is associated the major sports clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and Cornella Sharks. We were taken around the office and we were shown the main sports vest and a prototype vest for the European elite. We were also shown how the vest work with the app. They also showed use a bit of vertical reality. Overall the experience was very interesting.



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It was in the second period of the day. I was asked to do a talk to a group of Grade 7's who were doing innovations, the teacher (Mrs Whipp) wanted me to explain the process of becoming an entrepreneur and what sacrifices you may need to make. I spoke for about 10 to 15 minutes on how we got the idea and where we got the idea. The students seemed interested in the talk and asked a few questions, some which was how long did you take to come up with the idea and how much it costs to go to a sta...

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Success @ Tropical North Qld Innovation Awards

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On Wednesday the 16 November 2016 we were privileged to be apart of and a finalist in the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards. The award that we were finalists in was the peoples choice award, but we did go to the top three in Mayors Choice Award, but unfortunately didn’t win overall in that category, but just being there was fantastic. My school Smithfield State High School won...

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