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Going Public Again:

It was really nerve-racking the first time Cory went on to the radio, but after that it didn’t really scare him because he had lots of confidence. Going onto the TV wasn’t scary at all because it was pre-recorded and they took lots of takes so it could be perfect. Newspaper wasn’t as hard as Jess and Cory thought because they just asked you questions and you had to answer. Taking the perfect photo was the biggest challenge, because it needed to be the right angle and be in focus.


New PowerShot Project:

The team has recently introduced and YouTube channel. It shows off what happens behind the scenes or just random ideas we get. Also we will do some serious video on the YouTube channel, like our pitch. We set it up as another type of marketing but also as a way for us to learn how to edit videos. We would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to our channel as well because it will really help us out a lot. https:/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VWfFRiIc0WnWsXWi7gZfw

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