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Being the only girl amongst three boys may not be easy, but I say ‘Try your best, and do good’. I love quotes, they inspire me! If you think about a quote and read it really carefully, you can find that it means something in your life. Along my journey through PowerShot I have learnt many things. These things are called life skills. When you grow up you will face challenges and barriers. You will have to solve the riddle and break free. It might seem impossible, but the word impossible itself is im-possible, so remember that you’re possible.

When you are stuck or need help, don’t feel embarrassed to ask an adult. There will always be an answer. Just think about all the innovations, planes that fly, trampolines that make you bounce so high, technology at the tip of your fingers and light that glows so bright.

Something to do that really help when you’re angry, sad, stuck, or annoyed are to go to a happy place. I know that some of my friends have a happy place in their room or outside, whether it is full of fluffy cushions, or just bathed in sun light, grass and fresh air. A happy place doesn’t just have to be at your house, it could also be a park on bench or maybe at a court to play netball, basketball or any sort of sport.

So remember to appreciate, think that you’re possible and strong, and nothing will bring you down. 

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