PowerShot App 


Who We Are

PowerShot App Measuring the speed of your kick, hit or throw.
Cairns school app developers are taking sports technology to the next generation. The team of 5, bought together by Concept Creator Elliot Bairstow - when at the age of 10 he wanted to know how fast he and his mates could kick their soccer ball in the backyard - only to discover no accurate [or inexpensive] program existed to do so.  Together the four Grade 7 and 9 students have joined forces with Dr Jason Holdsworth who is coding the tricky parts of the App.  Stay tuned...there’s much more to come!
All kids need is a little help...a little hope...and somebody who believes in them.

- Magic Johnson

Team PowerShot

Introducing the team of five, working together to establish the business AP Powershot.


Innovator &

Founding Partner

Elliot is the brilliant minded student who came up with the original idea for PowerShot at the age of 10 when he wanted to know how fast he and his mates were kicking their soccer kicks. Originally inspired by the Shark Tank program, he has always wanted to be an entreprenuer. Elliot loves soccer.  Elliot is now in Grade 8 and is 13.

Elliot's Superhero skills in the Business include: Facebook, Networker, Innovation & All-Rounder.


Founding Partner

Part of the original PowerShot team that joined Elliot at Emerging Entrepreneurs, Cory  loves sport, especially basketball. Cory is a super driven kid - always coming up with new ideas to get us noticed! Cory always comes in excited for every meeting!  Cory is currently in Grade 8 and is 13.

Cory's Superhero skills in the Business include: You Tube, Media Liaison, & All-Rounder.



Founding Partner

Part of the original PowerShot team that joined Elliot at Emerging Entrepreneurs, Hamish, is the 'oldest' of the student team (Grade 10!). Hamish works super hard to develop, edit and help PowerShot through the App's journey. He also loves sports such as soccer and is 15.

Hamish's Superhero skills in the Business include: Twitter, Finance, & All-Rounder.


Founding Partner


Originally joining the team as an Intern, after successfully pitching to Elliot, Cory and Hamish X-Factor style; Jess  bought 'girl power' to the team and some new skills to help establish the business. She loves netball and thinks PowerShot is an awesome idea.  Jessica is currently in Grade 8 and is 13.

Jessica's Superhero skills in the Business include: Instagram, Webmaster, Design and Admin. 


Founding Partner

The final piece of the PowerShot puzzle.  Dr Jason Holdsworth, through his involvement at theSpace heard about PowerShot & immediately offered his support. His technical skills are second to none  & he provides a calm and inspiring  voice for our team. Jason  is Senior Lecturer in IT @ JCU Cairns.

Jason's Superhero skills in the Business include: App Development, Mentor and Motivator.

Our Coding Mentors...

Helping to bring our App to life through Code!

Jess McKenzie

Mentor and Student - IT @ JCU

Jess McKenzie meets with us weekly to teach us code!  Yes, they are not writing our App for us; but instead are teaching us how to code it ourselves!  Wow, she has the patience of a Saint.  What an incredibly valuable skill for us to be learning!  Thank you for all your hard work teaching us and preparing all our coding notes (and tests!)

Our  Mentors & 'Cheerleaders'

Cheering for our success at every turn!

Mark Sowerby

The Precinct & Office of the Chief Entreprenuer

We met Mark at the 2017 Regional Qld Tour along with Steve Baxter, Chris Titley, Patrice Brown, Stephen Phillips, & Lucas Patchett.  All these leaders have continued to follow and support our progress; with Mark and his off-sider extraordinaire Rachel recently generously giving their time to show us The Precinct and River City Labs, answer our many questions and help make connections in all areas of innovation.

Damian & Troy

theSpace & Emerging Entrepreneurs
This photo hides two of the best business mentoring brains in Australia.  In 2014, they were both awarded the “Innovation Champion Award” and entered into the “Innovation Champions Wall Of Fame” by the Queensland Government. They have been invaluable for Elliot in start-up phase, and now to his company in his formation phase.


Big Brother supporter!

Liam is brother to Cory, and what a true supporter he has been.  Liam has contributed his own talents to help the team succeed in any way he can, creating professionally branded videos, our logo, developing advertising banners and more.  Thanks Liam, you rock!

Jess McKenzie, Tyler Harris, Hamish, Jessie, Dr Jason Holdsworth, Cory and Elliot @ JCU open day

Our Business Mentors

We are truly overwhelmed and are truly grateful everyone's support.

Donna Patane

McDonnells Law - Cairns
Thanks TheSPACE for providing us the opportunity to find out about law stuff like registering business names and partnership agreements. Thanks Donna Patane from MacDonnells Law for meeting with us. Donna specialises in business law and intellectual property.

Pizza Capers

Brinsmead - Cairns
Pizza Capers supported our fundraising efforts by letting us create a PowerShot Pizza - with a % of sales going to our fundraising. Pesto, Pepperoni, Potato, Purple Onions, Pulled Pork, Peppers, Pineapple and Parmesan!

David Burston

David Burston has been in Toastmasters since 2008 and during this time developed the one day “Professional Communication” workshop concept. Not only does he conduct these workshops in schools as part of the Emerging Entrepreneurs program; but he did a special session just for us!



Jo Burston

CEO - Inspiring Rare Birds


Rare Birds is your tribe. A place where you can be part of the conversation, where there is no superiority or inferiority complexes. Where you can learn, grow, mentor, be mentored, find funding, be an investor, attend events, buy a fantastic book and gift that to a school girl and to a school, and see absolutely no barriers to entry to becoming the entrepreneur you want to be.


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Jamie & Nathaniel

Our first mentors helping us get started!
Jamie Armer used her teaching skills to coach the team of three boys! With her coder husband Nanthaniel watching their developments. Now exploring the USA these valuable PowerShot mentors would Skype the team from America . guiding them through their wild ideas and aspirations for the App.